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  Jahan Ara who acted in several films MISS CHALLBAZ ,ZABAK, LABELLA, MURAD,TILISMI DUNIYA, SAPERA in 1960as a lead actress during a career spanning 8-10 years from her childhood to her marriage she acted in movies. Her filmi name was Kumari Neena. After her marriage she left the film industry. Her mother Zohra Begum was a famous Theater artist and singer and acted many film like Jannat and Aakhri Khat. she had played many drama's such as Laila Majnu and Shirin Farhad. Jahan ara was also founder of Human Welfare Society. Her aunty Rehana was also a famous film actress in 1940. Rehana entered the best phase of her career from 1948 - 1951 as she did a variety of films paired opposite most of the top heroes of the day - Prem Adib (Actress (1948)), Raj Kapoor (Sunehre Din (1949), Sargam (1950)), Dev Anand (Dilruba (1950)), Shyam (Nirdosh (1950), Surajmukhi (1950)), Shekar (Ada (1951)) and Premnath (Sagai (1951)). Two of her biggest hits from these were Sargam (1950) and Sagai (1951). In 2010 Rehana's grand son M. Ali ''Madhosh" advocate poet and writer has filled a case against film producer Ekta Kapoor and director Milan Luthria & Others, at Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench Lucknow and the legal notice says that the film maker has used the name of Actress Rehana without her consent in the film Once Upon a time in mumbai and it has maligned her image.

21 March 2016 ( Mahatma Gandhi Partima)

  jahan ara  actress

Late Jahan Ara alias Neena was an Indian film actress born at lucknow

( 3 Shaban 1946  -  16 April 2008).   HWS sent a memorendum to Prime minister and President of Indiaat 27 Aug 2007 for her honour but government has not given any assurance . Hindustan Newspaper had published an Artical  on her ( Jahan Ara ) obscure life  she was leading in old city. 16 th April 2008 she was died in Balrampur Hospital Lucknow. Her son Madhosh held to make a deciseon on the demand of an enquiry from the CM regarding the carelessnes of Barlrampur Hospital in the case of her mother Jahan Ara . 02 june 2008 HWS decided to go on hunger strike and demonstrate in fornt of Vidhan Bhawan for 48 hours . The HWS had stayed demonstration on may 17 , 18, and 27 may 2008 had submitted a memorandum to the government asking for justice for Jahan Ara . However the government has not given any reply. 28 may 2008 Mr. Madhosh had started 72 hours hunger strike and left water had continued his strike  against all those doctors who are responsible and administration of Balrampur Hospital and appealed to govt to take strong steps against Balrampur Hospital Management. 24 june 2008 govt has given assurance to him . He had dissolve his protest and admitted at Civil Hospital Lucknow after the 72 hour's hunger strike. From previous 10 years HWS is demanding for the honour & Justice for Jahan Ara but government has not given any relief yet now.HWS  has demanded to government and send a memorandum  for  the honour  of  Gazal  Queen Zarina Begam (  The disciples  of begam  Akhtar )  madhosh wants  honour for her because she has  broken from heath and award  brings financial stability. The tireless effort of HWS she got Begam Akhtar  Award  on 23 Aug 2015. Zareena Begum thanked to Madhosh and Hind Sawaks for their efforts. On may  2015 HWS has  demanded to Chief Minister Mr. Akhilsh Yadev For Yash  Bharti Samman for Jahan Ara. . On 07 Dec 2015 sent an another Memorandum to  the govt of UP demanding  to give the honour of Yash Bharti after  the death of artists because  an artist can die  but his / her arts never. On march Hind Sewaks protest against government beacuse government has ignored  again Jahan Ara  for Yash Bharti samman.On 21 march Hind Sewaks had done  protest (Dharna) against government at Gandhi Partima Hazratganj,Lucknow is because the some of them  persons who got Yash Bharti are not able for this award. Madhosh said that we are fighting for justice and honour for our mother but from previous 10th  year government has not take necessary action and We  see  this  fight  go long . One  day we will get justice and honour and till  than his society is struggling for her mother and for all those artists who are demanding for honour and leading a obscure life.


   Jahan Ara who acted in several films in 1960as a lead actress .her filmi name was kumari neena. She was  founder of  Human Welfare Society.
In the words of Mr. M. Ali Madhosh we formedHUMAN WELFARE SOCITEY only because our mother's feel's that there should be a society for welfare of  the people. She was died in miserable condition on 16 April 2008 at Balram Pur Hospital Lucknow. 

  1946 - 2008

Grave Of Jahan Ara & her brother Munna Khan